Vaccine Administration v1.0

Vaccine Administration v1.0

Mapping Curation of Minimum Data Elements and Metadata

Vaccine Administration V1.0 is a powerful data mapping solution created to connect diverse travelers, security officials, and application solutions providers with global vaccine entry requirements.

As countries around the world reopen, the increase in international travel is creating confusion and delays due to inconsistent vaccine regulation and status. Differing regulations for each country create confusion for travelers who must sort through different sets of vaccine status entry rules. Once they arrive at the airport, these travelers are increasingly met with delays due to long lines as airline personnel work to process additional vaccine-related paperwork. The difficulties continue as new variants of the COVID-19 virus emerge globally.

Version 1.0 of the Vaccine Administration: Mapping Curation of Minimum Data Elements maps existing international standards to facilitate interoperability of data and metadata related to vaccine administration.

The goal is to achieve a multinational agreement around one global core data standard that will enable the success of various vaccine credentialing and vaccine ‘passport’ applications to foster rapid and comprehensible sharing of essential information for uses such as safe international travel. Security, validation, and privacy remain the responsibility and expertise of the technology developers and implementers.

The mapping document is based on the eHealth Network Guidelines on verifiable vaccine certificates and focuses on supporting the international travel use case.

Developed in partnership with the Global Information for Public Health Transformation (GIPHT), an initiative of the Learning Health Community, Vaccine Administration Standard represents a minimum set of key data elements to meet the urgent need for vaccine status for the travel use case which:

  • Support emerging applications with an international data standard for interoperability of core data elements and underlying metadata related to vaccine administration
  • Harmonize a set of core vaccine administration data elements
  • Deliver a short readily implementation standard that leverages and maps to available and widely used data standards and terminologies
  • Do not require the creation of new standards
  • Follow an endorsed governance process

“The joint efforts of CDISC and the LHC to develop a technology-agnostic international data standard will enable software developers to focus on what they are best at: developing apps that interoperate with the vaccination verification technologies deployed at border crossings.”

– Dr. Brian Martin, Principal Digital Health Analyst with the MITRE Corporation.